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Originally Posted by jiaotze View Post
Several months after the switch the Sodexo and the lousy roll-out, an extremely affable Sodexo manager was brought in who really got things into shape. He was a friendly, outgoing guy who knew what he was doing, and over a couple of months the change was like night and day.
I remember this chap distinctly. IIRC he rocked up, took an active, engaging, part in the service and very politely asked for feedback on areas where they could improve. I did let him know that the experience had been a lot better than expected given Sodexo, initial experience, FT’ers experiences.. at which he had been surprised and we had a nice little chat about flyertalk/how word gets around, Peninsula->PP->Sodexo. The following visit, he remembered, or pretended to remember me (but carried through well enough), and again ended with a request for on the spot feedback to improve if I had the time.

Seems that the beancounters had their way..
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