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HKG Pier dining what a let down!

After a number of years as OWE, I finally got the opportunity what the majority of FT describes as as the Mecca of frequent flierdom — the CX lounges at HKG. Having read about how amazing they are, I did not hesitate to book an itinerary that included two long layovers at HKG — it seemed like a bonus, based on what I'd read. I had plenty of time to try the First Class Facilities both at The Pier and The Wing, with a visit to the QF lounge thrown in for comparison. The reception and reservation desk staff where uniformly friendly and actively helpful. I enjoyed a couple of naps in The PIer's day lounges, and nobody reminded me of the 1.5-hour recommended maximum. The bartenders were absolutely wonderful. But blimey, my five meals at The Pier restaurant were a letdown. My standards are automatically relaxed when there's no expectation to pay for my meal or tip the staff, but with different crew and managers and two different days, I've rarely experienced such a dysfunctional restaurant. The menu, for starters, is very uninspiring, certainly compared to any menu I've seen at the CX LHR lounge (where I've had many very enjoyable meals), and the dishes I tried did not compare favourably to how they were described. And the ones I tried more than once were hugely variable. One of the meals (a Chinese dish, which was missing half of the things listed on the menu and was basically shredded hen in a glutinous sauce) I even had to send back. Every single time, appetiser and main course were brought to me at the same time, even when I'd made it clear that I had plenty of time and preferred to have them served sequentially. Cognac wasn't brought with my coffee, because, when bringing my coffee, they asked whether I preferred VS or XO, and needed five minutes to deliver the obvious choice. Multiple times, I had to ask again for key items (such as tea with my breakfast) after everything else had already been brought to me. On my second day in the lounge, added excitement was brought by the fact that the person who brought my food didn't understand a word of English, and responded to further requests for items that had been ordered but not delivered merely by wildly flapping her arms (as it turned out, that was her entire response — it clearly didn't occur to her to alert her colleagues to the fact that the customer wanted something else). The only thing that was as good as at LHR was the Dan Dan noodles.

So I left HKG bereft of yet another illusion — but also with enhanced appreciation for CX's LHR lounge, and for the QF SYD F lounge and its wonderful combination of food, wines, and service, which I now know to be the top of OW (with honourable mention to JL's lounges at HND and NRT).

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