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Originally Posted by CommittedLurker View Post
I was on CX 893 on 3/23 with the new service and was told it started that week only.

I was unimpressed. No garlic bread, less dessert choice (unless you include the ice cream they had as a mid meal snack) and no more cereal choice for breakfast.

This is nothing but a cost cutting measure.

This might just be the tipping point to switch to SQ for my travels.


I was on CX 870 on 4/4 HGK-SFO:

There was only one (Chinese) dessert option on the lunch service (used to be 1 western and 1 Chinese) and they included ice cream as an option (normally kept for mid flight snack)

So what happened ? They ran out of ice cream for the mid meal snack. Which makes sense. Anyone who didn’t want the Chinese dessert opted for ice cream during lunch, and of course CX wouldn’t load extra ice cream since it now serves as an option for the main meal and snack - because that would defeat the entire purpose of the new meal service, which is to cut costs

most all of the other snacks were gone too during the mid meal snack (potato chips finished and just 2 packets of the caramel popcorn were left). And this is on a very short flight time of 10:45. I wonder what would happen on long flights ?

Breakfast was pathetic as well. No cereal, no muesli. No choice of breakfast breads (the muffins are gone too).

But hey at least we have newspaper style menus and cards to fill out for breakfast !

CX is going (has gone) downhill IMO.
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