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Originally Posted by KARFA View Post

you canít request it. If it happens it happens, but most likely it wonít. I have never had it, others seem to have more luck.
I just had a return ticket in J.. outbound was LHR LAX und return was LAX JFK LHR... why so ever the LAX JFK leg was in F - and i must say for me this felt def. different!
The flagship first dining in LAX is super exclusive.. nothing compared to the standard flagship.. very friendly and attentive staff and just super exclusive.. 4 people in the whole lounge.
and of course this 1 -1 config is more exclusive.. so also when you sit down.. it is more exclusive - specially when u travel by yourself.. the onboard service was .. lets say AA.. but nicer than the one JFK to LAX in in J..

still no escorting or special service despite being GGL + CCR and booked on F.. and transferring to that LHR flight..
I agree to that hit or miss theory and dont think you have to be super important.. I had 6 domestic AA flights last months.. and got one CK boarding treatment at JFK on a very late flight to MCO booked in Y.
nothing on the return. nothing in LAX to LAS or SAT to LAX or LAX JFK even in F.. :-)

and... I slept very well in that seat, too :-) if that feeling of exclusiveness is worth money over J ? I dont know.
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