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Latam Peru versus US prices

I've exchanged some emails and called Latam about the difference between purchasing on their US and Peru web sites, and it's unbelievably frustrating. According to their emails and phone rep I need to use the US site. They won't answer the question of what happens if I use the Peru site.

In general the base fares are higher on the US site than the Peru site for the flight we need from Lima to Puerto Madanado. Yet, they have told me by email that they don't have pricing difference, except for taxes.

The prices of all the morning flights I look at on the Peru site are the same. But on the US site, the direct flight is more expensive, and this is true on every day I look at for next fall. Their response to this it is based on availability, but they won't answer as to why this would impact only the US site, and why it is the case for every day 6-8 months in the future.

The price to purchase a ticket including checked bags costs an extra $6 on the Peru web site. On the US web site the same ticket increases the fare by $60 over the already inflated US fare.

On the Peru web site if I book a multi-city trip (which is what I really want) it includes checked bags. On the US web site it doesn't and there is no way to add them.

Two of us are traveling in the fall, and need to book 3 flights inside Peru. Any suggestions to deal with this short of just shelling out extra money, and taking less convenient flights?
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