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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
37. (1976) You do love a good milk-run and it appears you’ve found one between Memphis and Amarillo – a four stopper that even includes a snack enroute. Name the airline, equipment and of course the four intermediate stops.

I believe we are talking about a local service air carrier here: Frontier. If so, the equipment was probably a good old Convair 580. As for the stops, I'll guess Little Rock, Fort Smith, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. And if the flight in question did not stop in Fort Smith, I will then substitute Hot Springs.

Good call and good substitution, JL! Here's the schedule:

Frontier FL 629 Memphis (MEM) 600p-641p S Little Rock (LIT) 656p-716p Hot Springs (HOT) 726p-819p Tulsa (OKC) 830p-904p Oklahoma City (OKC) 918p-1018p Amarillo (AMA) Convair 580 X6

40. Between them both, AeroMexico and Mexicana fly to a good number of destinations in the U.S. Identify the two states besides Texas that have at least two or more cities enjoying nonstop flights from Mexico involving AeroMexico and/or Mexicana. Please keep in mind that US airline flights have no relevance to this question.
Arizona has been correctly identified. California and Florida have been declined

I believe we can safely say the great state of Missouri was involved here with Mexicana serving Kansas City and St. Louis. And as for the other state, it may have been....ah......hmmmmmm......(I really have no idea but wanted to add Missouri to the mix).

Good on ya, JL! I figured it'd be awhile before anyone guessed the Show Me State, but here you come fresh off vacation and there you go! Missouri it is, with Arizona being the other (Aeromexico to PHX and TUS)
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