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The following quiz items have a time line of the autumn of 1970

1. You’ve had a busy morning making sales calls on the south side of Chicago. While calling your office to arrange for some products to be delivered to a local company, you’re informed that you need to service an account in Indianapolis ASAP, as in today. Hmm… Well O’Hare’s way up on the north side of the city. Any chance there might be any flights out of nearby Midway Airport? A call to your travel agent confirms that there is. Two airlines each operate a single flight per day from Midway down to Indy. Identify the two airlines.

2. Jose loves to play golf. Imagine then his surprise and delight when a business associate who’s a member of Augusta National Golf Club invites him up to Georgia to play a couple rounds on the Masters course. Ay Yi Yi! Por supuesto! From his home in Mexico City, he’s booked a nonstop flight up to Miami connecting to another nonstop flight up to Augusta. Two airlines are involved, but only one aircraft type. Identify both airlines and the aircraft type utilized.

3. An old college friend has invited you to join her and six of your classmates at a mini-reunion on the big island of Hawaii. Can you make it? A quick glance out the window of your Manhattan loft at the wintry gray day makes this an easy decision. From JFK, there is a single two-stop direct flight departing each Saturday morning. A change of gauge is required enroute but First Class is available all the way through. Book it, Danno! Identify the airline, aircrafts involved and the routing (including the aircraft switch point)

4. You’re in Miami and need to head up to Nashville, Tennessee to see your old friend Charlie Pride. You expect to have to make a connection somewhere but are pleased to discover a single daily nonstop flight that departs Miami in the late afternoon. First Class seats are available and dinner will be served enroute. Identify the airline and aircraft you’ll be flying upon.

5. After a week of sailing the Caribbean, it’s time to dock in Antigua and catch a flight home to Miami. Rather amazingly, you’ve got a choice of three morning departures to choose from – each of them operated by a different airline operating a different type of equipment. You decide to go with the only airline that operates the all-economy class configured aircraft. Two stops will be made in route. You know the drill by now. Airline. Equipment. Routing. Good luck, Mon!

6. Of all the days to get a flat tire! Now you’re sitting on I-35, nine miles from Minneapolis International and there’s no way you’re going to make your nonstop flight to Boston. A quick call to your travel agent reveals that the next direct flight to Boston is a two stopper that’ll arrive Boston mid-afternoon. You quickly book a seat. Identify the airline, aircraft and the enroute stops, please.

7. From Boston you’ll continue on to Providence, Rhode Island. It’s not very far and your original plan was to rent a car until you were informed of the exorbitant drop-off fees. Thankfully the one way airfare is just $13.00 and you’ll have a choice of three morning departures – all of them leaving between 6:20 and 7:10am. Each flight is operated by a different airline operating a different aircraft type. Your mission – should you decide to accept it – is to identify each airline and the aircraft it operates down to Providence. Good luck.

8. Some of you may recall that Grand Island, Nebraska was once served by Air Wisconsin out of Chicago using a BAC-111 jet. We even had a question involving that service. However, this was not GRI’s first jet service. Some 15 years earlier its citizens also enjoyed jet service from Chicago – this time with a single daily one-stop jet flight that even offered a First Class cabin with a nice dinner served along the way. Can you identify the airline, the aircraft and the enroute stop?

9. You’ve got quite a busy week ahead of you! From your company’s home base in Churchill Falls, Newfoundland, you’ll be making sales calls in Montreal, Syracuse, Chicago and Kansas City. It’s an ambitious itinerary, but thankfully your travel agent is more than up to the task. You’ve been booked on four airlines – a different one for each city you’ll be visiting. Interestingly, each airline will be operating the same type of jet. Can you identify the jet type and then match the airline with the route flown? (1. YWW-YUL 2. YUL-SYR 3. SYR-ORD 4. ORD-MCI)

10. Only one airline flies direct from New York City to the state of South Dakota. Thankfully, the aircraft has a First Class cabin because there are four stops along the way and comfort will be important over the six hour journey. Your job is to identify the South Dakotan airport served and then identify the airline, the aircraft and the four enroute stops.

11. Tampa, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami are well served with nonstop flights from Montreal. Alas, the same cannot be said for Jacksonville. There is at least a direct flight, one that makes a couple of stops enroute. A luncheon is served somewhere along the route however, so perhaps it won’t be so bad… Name the airline, the two enroute stops and the aircraft to be flown.

12. You’re all set to fly to from Chicago to Billings, Montana for the weekend. Unfortunately, a couple of things have come up at the office that mean you’ll have to switch from your 100p nonstop to something a bit later. A call to your travel agent reveals that unfortunately, no seats are available in any class to Billings until early this evening. But wait! If you can get over to Chicago’s lightly used Midway Airport, there’s a two stop flight departing at 220pm. It’s even got some larger seats up in the front of the aircraft. Book it, Danno! Identify the usual triumvirate, including the two stops enroute.

13. Unfortunately, there are no nonstop flights between Memphis and Cleveland. Worse yet, the only available flight is a three stopper that’ll take a butt-numbing four hours to get there. Sigh… Reluctantly, you book a seat on it. Identify the airline, the three stops and the aircraft type.

14. Working solely from schedules published in the North American edition of the OAG, I have found five different international flights into the U.S. that are each operated with a unique aircraft type that was manufactured outside of the U.S. Each flight is operated by a different foreign airline and in each case, the route is the only route into the U.S. using that aircraft type. In other words, you will find only one – not two – routes into the U.S. operated by say, a Dassault Mercure. And again, we are working only with schedules published in the North American OAG. So then, if you’re up for it, identify each of the five routes, airlines and aircraft types.

15. “When I die and go to heaven, I’ll probably connect in Atlanta”. That old quip notwithstanding, you’ve had uniquely bad luck of late with connections – wherever they may be – so much so that for your upcoming flight between Dallas and West Palm Beach you’ve booked yourself upon the late afternoon five-stopper. It’ll be a long day, but a couple of good books should ease the pain. Identify the airline, aircraft and all five of the enroute stops in order, please.

The following quiz items have a time line of the first quarter of 1973

16. Identify the airline that has the most domestic 747 flights into Miami. Additionally, identify the cities it serves Miami from with the 747
BONUS QUESTION 16B: Which domestic U.S. airline offers 747 flights from Chicago to the most destinations? What are those destinations?

BONUS QUESTION 18C: Can anyone here remember three even longer 727 flights within the U.S.? Each has been discussed here within the pages of the OTAQ&D
BONUS QUESTION 18D: Everybody knows that Braniff's original 747 was painted orange - as were subsequent variants a few years later. However, Braniff originally ordered TWO 747-127s and the second one was planned to wear a different color. What color was it and what airline did it end up being delivered to (not as a -127) A N S W E R E D

19. You do love a good milk-run! Imagine then your surprise and delight to have booked a seat aboard this 4-stop gem between St. Louis and Memphis. Identify the airline, the aircraft type and the four enroute stops.

21. The airline you usually fly between Detroit and New Orleans is on strike. So it is that you find yourself booked on a two-stop late afternoon departure. This airline utilizes an aircraft that until recently was not operated by your usual airline on the DTW-MSY route. As an added bonus, two dinners and a snack will be served along the way. Identify the airline, the two stops and the aircraft type.

The following quiz items have a time line from the summer of 1972

23. Aside from Delta’s flights, if you wanted to fly aboard a Convair 880 out of Miami during the summer of 1972, only one other airline offered scheduled flights. Identify that airline and the destination it served.
It's not LANICA... But it is Latin American

24. You don’t like little airplanes. The larger - the better, you always say. As such, for your upcoming flight between Edinburgh and London, you’ve chosen to fly aboard a ___________________ operated by _____________________. It is the largest aircraft operating scheduled flights out of EDI.

25. Back in the summer of 1972, travelers desiring to leave Jolly Olde England for the sun kissed beaches of Waikiki on Hawaii’s island of Oahu had a choice of three airlines – each of them operating a different type of equipment – at least out of London. One operated the same equipment all the way through to HNL while the other two had a change of equipment at an intermediate stop. Can you identify each of the three airlines, their routing and the equipment type(s) each operated?

26. With the oppressive heat and humidity coming off the nearby Gulf of Mexico, Houston is absolutely miserable in the summer. London by comparison is much more pleasant and its West End theater district is vastly superior to anything available in Houston. Why not head across the pond for a few days’ vacation? Although there are no nonstop flights, a single airline does offer a direct one stop flight departing IAH each day in the early afternoon. Name the airline, the aircraft and the intermediate stop.

29. You need to fly from Luxembourg to London. You call Luxair only to be informed that their thrice weekly flight is sold out until next week. Thankfully, there is another option offering an additional three nonstop flights per week. Identify the airline and the aircraft you’ll be flying upon.

30. If in the late summer of 1972 you wanted to fly from Frankfurt in the German Federal Republic to (East) Berlin’s Schoenfeld Airport in the German Democratic Republic, there was only one scheduled flight per week. Identify the airline and the aircraft you’d be flying upon.

31. You’ve just arrived in Bangkok and are taxiing to your stand when you spot a Boeing 720 lining up for takeoff. OMG! By 1972 720s are extremely rare birds in this part of the world. Indeed, the one you’ve seen is the only one serving HKG. What airline does it fly for?

32. I’ve been able to find only one airline in the world that in 1973 operated three different types of four engine narrow bodied jetliners at the same time. (I’m not including variants such as a 727-100 vs a 727-200. We’re looking at only the base models) Each aircraft type is manufactured by a different company. Identify the airline and the three aircraft types. Additionally, if you should think of any other airlines operating 3 or more 4-engine aircraft at the same time during 1972, I would be happy to verify it.
Ongoing. MEA, American, Varig so far
BONUS QUESTION: Name an airline that operated not three but four different types of four engine narrow bodied jetliners - but NOT all at the same time.
BOAC, MEA and American have been identified so far. There's at least one more...

33. Identify the only non-Pratt & Whitney powered twin jet (operating scheduled flights) that you’ll see in Bangkok in the late summer of 1972. Airline and aircraft type, please.

35. You’re in Casablanca, Morocco and need to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico. You’re expecting quite the convoluted journey but are pleasantly surprised to learn that you can fly the same airline all the way through to San Juan via a single connection enroute. Rather more of a surprise, your connecting city is in Europe – not the U.S. Both flights are nonstop and are operated with the same aircraft type. Identify the airline, the connecting city and the aircraft type.

The following quiz items have a time line from the spring of 1976

37. You do love a good milk-run and it appears you’ve found one between Memphis and Amarillo – a four stopper that even includes a snack enroute. Name the airline, equipment and of course the four intermediate stops.

40. Between them both, AeroMexico and Mexicana fly to a good number of destinations in the U.S. Identify the two states besides Texas that have at least two or more cities enjoying nonstop flights from Mexico involving AeroMexico and/or Mexicana. Please keep in mind that US airline flights have no relevance to this question.

42. There are three Fifth Freedom flights from the U.S. to Mexico. Each flight is operated by an airline not from the U.S. or Mexico. Each flight departs from a different U.S. city and each flight arrives in a different Mexican city. Each flight operates with a different type of equipment. Two different airlines are involved. Your job is to identify the three flights; determining each route, airline and aircraft. Buena suerte, Seņor!
MOSTLY ANSWERED. We're looking for the airline that operates MSY-MID

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