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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
The following quiz items have a time line from the spring of 1976

39. You live in Athens, GA. And have just finished your junior year at the University of Georgia. (Go Dawgs!) Itís time to head up to Anchorage for a summer of work at a rural fishing lodge. Seeing that youíve a choice of two 2-stop direct flights from ATL to Anchorage, you select the morning departure. Identify the airline, the two enroute stops and the aircraft to be flown upon.

This sure sounds like Northwest. If so, equipment may have been a DC-10 (probably a series 40). As for the stops, I'll guess the usual suspects: Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) and Seattle (SEA). And BTW, I believe one could have actually started their journey directly from Athens, GA (AHN) back then by boarding a Southern Airways Martin 404 for the short hop over to ATL.

Correct! Northwest offered a choice of two daily DC-10 departures between Atlanta and Anchorage. ere's the morning schedule:

Northwest NW 777 Atlanta (ATL) 910a-1025a B Minneapolis (MSP) 1110a-1232p L Seattle (SEA) 130p-245p L Anchorage (ANC) DC-10-40 Daily

The afternoon departure routed ATL-ORD-SEA-ANC.

41. Itís been a nice couple of weeks off, but now itís time to fly back up to Prudhoe Bay and resume your job building pump station number two of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (which is due to be completed just over a year from now). There are no direct flights from Juneau to Prudhoe but it is possible to make a single connection via the same airline all the way through. The first flight makes a single stop enroute to the connection point. From there you switch to a different type of airplane and continue on nonstop to Prudhoe Bay. Identify the airline, the two enroute stops (including the connecting stop) and the two aircraft types involved.

I do not believe Alaska Airlines was serving Prudhoe Bay at this time. So that leaves Wien Air Alaska which I believe pioneered Boeing 737-200 service into Prudhoe Bay from Anchorage and Fairbanks. In this case, I think the connecting point would have been Fairbanks. And that means the Wien flight from Juneau may have been operated with a Fairchild F-27 with this service making an intermediate stop at Whitehorse. BTW, the last time I flew into Prudhoe Bay, I was on board a B737-200 Combi operated by MarkAir. I was en route from Barrow to Anchorage and the flight made an intermediate stop at Prudhoe Bay. And shortly after departing from Barrow, we were served a snack which consisted of one (1) ice cream bar.

Correct! Your memory serves you well. Here's the schedule:

Wien Air Alaska 95 Juneau (JNU) 330p-420p Whitehorse (YXY) 440p-450p Fairbanks (FAI) F-27B
Wien Air Alaska 19 Fairbanks (FAI) 650p-800p Prudhoe Bay (PUO) Boeing 737-200 Daily

My first flight with Wien came aboard N2711R, a 737-202C which I believe may have been the first 737-200C ever delivered to an airline. Note the -202 designation rather than Wien's usual -210. The airplane was ordered by Northern Consolidated Airlines. I flew ANC-FAI-YXY back in 1979 and spent the night at YXY in a high school gym which doubled as a hostel. My first flights to Prudhoe and Barrow came in 1988 aboard a Markair 737-200. It was early November - just a day or two away from the sun making its final appearance until February. Here's a picture of my 737 on the ramp at Barrow. The temp was -38F and the sun was the high point of its daily parabola. This picture was taken at about noon.

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