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Regarding the improved F that is on the way - well that is why I put "never" in quotes. Of course F is overall somewhat more exclusive, and when flying LH or LX I quite enjoy F because of the service (so more important on a day flight than if just sleeping) as well as the hugely different ground product (no transfer security on outbound, and separate F security on inbound, and the better lounges). I look forward to when BA has a better F product.

I do agree that having BA Gold probably helps a fair bit. I have never been to GC. GF was perfectly OK - better than a Senator lounge which is what you would get flying business on LH with status. On the inbound it was very crowded, but the CCR tends to be as well. CCR in comparison to LH/LX F lounges is poor.

Interesting to note comments about price only being a couple hundred more. In this case (to DXB), F was 3x the price of C (and this is consistently the case, not a last minute ticket).
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