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Originally Posted by dimon84 View Post
Corporate travel agents typically (though not always) book rooms directly from hotel chains, that's why she received the benefits. Online travel agencies are the different story as they charge properties up to 30% for reservations, hence revenue loss.
And that doesn't even include the cheap rate the (elite) paid. As we were walking to the elevator about the same time I asked him about his PL booking out of curiosity. He paid substantially under rack rate. Granted, it was stupid of the property to allow it, but given they did I do get no night/stay credit & even no ERB. Again, I put this in the MAR allowed ERG bennies long after the other hotel chains didn't allow them, but all good things come to an end category.

FWIW - I don't have a lot of empathy/sympathy for those booking dirt cheap rates but still wanting the same bennies as those who are paying a lot higher. As someone else said in a dif thread, if you could book a room, check in via mobile app & not need to be there, there would be a lot of people booking dirt cheap rates to get to their Plat/Titanium status. Same for PL/E. If you knew you could get it dirt cheap & get the bennies the folk paying more got, why would you book higher rate?

Getting back on topic. Thanks to the OP for his month on the road. Although I'm curious as to which properties he visited & which were great/not great, etc.

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