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Originally Posted by garykung View Post
That's not the issue. The problem is there is currently an outbreak at HKG, with a significant portion of patients related to CX. Give the current process, it is my estimate that it is only a matter time that CX passengers will be infected, although there is none for now.

Beside, vaccination does not completely prevent you from getting the diseases you are vaccinated. So even you have vaccinated in the past, you still have a chance catching it.
I'm sorry to say, although we are going off-topic now, your first paragraph is a complete load of nonsense. The only correlation between CX and measles is that CX is HKG's largest operator, it is not because "Measles patients prefer to fly CX". The measles virus - AFAIK - also does not have a MPC account whereby it would benefit from specifically targeting CX pax. The fact that CX pax or staff were affected is coincidental. What is more pertinent to the issue is to find out where the people first diagnosed had caught it originally, because in an environment with almost full vaccination rates, the population as a whole is immune, so that the small number of patients carrying the virus cannot spread it more widely.

If you do want to let a measles outbreak in HKG affect your travel patterns, I suggest you avoid travelling to or flying through HKG, regardless of what carrier you fly on. But then you should also not fly through any other country that has had a measles outbreak recently, including the one where you seem to be based a lot:

Measles outbreak in 2019: Portland, Oregon
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