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Originally Posted by javacodeguy View Post
This unfortunately sounds exactly like our one and only stay here. We stayed for a few nights between Christmas and NYE and it was just lackluster all over. The food was good and the views were beautiful, but service outside of Artisans for dinner was mediocre at best and downright bad at worst. Management's responses to our complaints were marginal at best. They seemed to blame it on low staffing for the guests as well, but I have been to far more remote places that seem to be able to staff just fine. For the cost they shouldn't have any problem paying enough to attract and house the people needed.

With Twin Farms just a bit further of a drive from us, I can't imagine ever returning to The Lake Placid Lodge. I'll gladly spend 2x at Twin Farms for an experience that is basically night and day when compared to The Lake Placid Lodge.
I love Twin Farms. But donít forget about The Point on Saranac Lake, too.
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