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That's a good point - as BA Gold (and even more so for those who have CCR card...) the gap between Club World and First is narrowed because you can use the First Wing anyway, avoid the worst of the jam-packed Club World / Galleries lounges, get Group 1 boarding...and most importantly select the best seats in Club World. I love the seats I love in Club World, but those are "Gold-only" at the time of booking and my experience of Club World would be somewhat different in a lesser seat, or if I had to pay c. 200 on top of a return ticket to secure a better seat...

So without status, I agree the gap between Club World and First may be more perceptible.

It's also a case of time and duration of flight...for a nice day flight to the US, I prefer a good Club World seat as I find it very comfortable and find it more private and less 'fussy' on the meal service than First. But for an overnight flight when I don't plan on eating anything on board anyway, I have to say the better bed in First is appealing.
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