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Originally Posted by Lucanesque View Post
I've got an ex-EU flight to USA coming up in a couple of weeks time, will involve a back to back in AMS. I've done this many times as a citizen of a member state
Firstly, you don't need to be an EU citizen to avail of this, as it is a consequence of the design and layout of AMS.

and it's usually one of those brilliant situations of getting off the plane, waiting at the gate, getting back on the same plane. Does anyone have a view on whether or not that sort of back to back will be possible post-Brexit given there's usually only around 25-30 mins between deplaning and boarding again.
B2B is possible in AMS in this manner because the Netherlands trusts the UK's security screening.

The Netherlands also trusts the security screening of the USA (not a member of the EU/EEA).
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