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For pickup service at the LAX to home in San Gabriel area, Uber app shows the service is not available for picking up from LAX. But Lyft app seems to let me schedule. But my concern is there are hundreds of people at Tom Bradley Terminal waiting to be picked up, how does the Lyft driver know it's us that he needs to pick up? Via phone calls/texts?
When you use the app, you choose a pick up point at LAX. The ride share pick up points are upstairs on the departure level, so you need to pick up your luggage first and go up one level. There are posts with a Letter on top from A to F. The closet one to TBIT is the Letter D post to the right when you get outside on the upper departure level. The driver won't usually know who you are except your name but you have their car's make/color/license plate number and real time GPS location. So you could just watch for it to come and flag him/her down toward you. It is pretty easy once you know to look for those posts with Letter on top and make sure you choose the right letter when you set your location on the app. If Letter D is really crowded, you could always walk to left to C.. or to the right to E.
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