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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Can't a manager take the big chart and duplicate the part that applies to his/her hotel in order to distribute the relevant information to his/her own front desk staff? It's not rocket science when you have the cheat sheet in front of you.
hockeyinsider is not kidding. The chart sent to properties is the size of a small child. I'll be at a property in the next few days that has one (I've seen it), so will post a pic if they allow me. The (fiill in the blank) property would have to just put into a word doc pertinent info for FRD to make it smaller.

But put me on the other side - I think it SHOULD list all brands/regions. It's too easy for an elite to say well I got this at a different property (not necessarily the same brand) so you should do the same thing too. A clueless FDC might then cave on something they're not supposed to because they didn't know any better. Note, I'm not saying they would know any better anyway, but if it was just their property/brand listed they wouldn't know what applied to other properties.

Heck, I was standing next to a Plat who checked in yesterday on a Priceline stay & said to the FDC, "oh, I need to put in my Plat #". The FDC (rightfully) said "PL stays don't accumulate points/night credit". He said "well other properties have put in my number on PL stays" & leaned heavily on the FDC. I gave the FDC credit for standing firm, saying "Marriott's policy is 3rd party bookings don't accumulate night/points credit, I appreciate you have gotten it at other properties but you've been lucky & at our property, we follow Marriott policy".


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