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Originally Posted by GunsOfNavarone View Post
Thanks for sharing the story and being an awesome advocate for your friend!

After reading the northernquota story- I am wondering if you have uncovered an occasional practice by AA, that was not challenged in the past.

BTW- I don't know what you do for a living, but sense you would make an awesome victim advocate and/or a attorney.
I am in my last year of journalism school, and I have focused on aviation for most of my school work.
Also, I have grown up around airlines (mom is a retired FA), so naturally I have accumulated a bunch of aviation knowledge throughout my life. Moved to the UK a few years ago, found out about EC261, and have since gone 4 for 4 in successful claims for my friends (never myself, though!). I couldn't WAIT to start when Matt called me from the airport and told me what happened.

And yes, this is definitely a rule that has gone unchallenged and that is probably why AA is stonewalling...they're most likely thinking "...., a potential mountain of lawsuits incoming." Then again, it doesn't seem like the execs do much thinking at all.
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