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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
Wasn't sure whether you had sent it to the specific EC261 claim email address. If you have, then respond back to that emai address clearly setting out the terms of why it owes it one last time together with the warning that if payment is not received that you will take action without further notice ; I can't see it trying to defend a claim once lodged and it knows that you arn't bluffing
hmm I definitely havenít sent anything to a specific claim address, Iíll look into that... although I have been sending the last few emails to every executive listed on the site, so I cannot imagine itís gone unseen by the whole lot.

I think the issue is we are claiming for Ä600 on article 7, both his denied flight segment (300) and his rebooked flight (303) for article 8, and a hotel and food and bus (£200) for article 9, which totals $1545. they are fighting extra hard
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