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Originally Posted by winnipegrev View Post
Here's the latest 77W wifi-enabled tails.
  • B-HNR (773K)
  • B-KPA (773H)
  • B-KPE (773A)
  • B-KPI (773A)
  • B-KPL (773A)
  • B-KPN (773A)
  • B-KPP (773A)
  • B-KPQ (773A)
  • B-KPR (773A)
  • B-KQC (773K)
  • B-KQD (773K)
  • B-KQE (773K)
  • B-KQF (773K)
  • B-KQG (773A)
  • B-KQH (773A)
  • B-KQI (773A)
  • B-KQR (773K)
  • B-KQS (773K)
  • B-KQV (773A)
  • B-KQW (773A)
  • B-KQY (773K)
  • B-KQZ (773K)
There are some discrepancies with some of the above equipment regarding configuration (77A vs 77H) with the wiki page.


B-KPI as 77A here vs 77H in the wiki
B-KPO is missing here vs it's already wifi equipped in the wiki
B-KPP has wifi vs none in the wiki
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