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The only downside is that we drive up rents.
I think the segment of Thai society which owns the property likes the fact that you are willing to pay higher rents, even if only for a month?

Obviously higher rents hurt the average Somchai, but who cares about him.

Big Joke: Promises easier, faster and more "watertight" Immigration rules

As immigration officials prepared to present proposals for a new Immigration Act to a ministerial committee yesterday chief Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparn outlined what it would mean to visitors and expatriates in Thailand. Speaking to TNA the chief said that the 1979 act was out of date and not in line with modern countries.

Thailand was the third most visited country in the world and while not a direct target for criminals was a place where those up to no good would hide out under the guise of being tourists. The Lt-Gen suggested that one of the best ways to solve this problem was to ensure that hotel and condo owners report the whereabouts of foreigners*. The man known as Big Joke even went so far as to specifically mention "people of color and South Africans" as a problem.



* TM-30 "enforcement" (Dor Mor 30) shifts to foreigners with an increase in the fines to 10,000 baht. Technically and legally anyone housing (hotel, AirBNB, couch surfee) a foreigner must report their details and presence every day. There are other onerous laws on the books I won't bore you with.

"I would think that Thailand (and lots of other countries) would want and accommodate people who really truly do make a lot of money just with their laptops or smart phones."

Obviously what you think hardly matters to the relevant Thai authorities. What they want is tourists, lot's of them - and that's what you are regardless of any self-branding, and day-laborers. They'll tolerate others (skilled workers, low-pay teachers, retirees) on an as-needed basis.

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