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Originally Posted by RustyC View Post
I've always thought one of the real downsides with Chiang Mai is a needlessly bad pedestrian situation. Maybe it's better now if the military government has cracked down on sidewalk encroachments like it has in other places (though not every place has a good sidewalk to begin with).

CM is hardly alone with this...many Malaysian cities and towns are bad, for example (Johor Bahru was terribly planned to serve the automobile and motorbike).
Originally Posted by transpac View Post
$20/day - after reading those links I'd rather be homeless in the U.S. Can it be done? Sure, by Burmese workers, maybe. BTW, does this cover internet access for the digital nomads?

And the scooter visa runs, well, what can I say. I drive a car here a lot, and scooters are simply put, coffins on 2-wheels. We have the second-highest road fatality rate, and probably 3/4's of those are scooter related. I do drive a scooter as well, these are primarily used for short, local hops, typically of less than a few Km. I might drive Chiang Mai to Mae Sai on a bigger bike (250 cc min.), as part of a multi-day sightseeing event (other than during the burning season, and rainy season of course), but on a scooter. Nope.

I particularly liked this from one you linked... https://www.neverendingvoyage.com/a-...urma-by-moped/

"It took less than an hour for us to realise that driving to Burma was a mistake."

On the plus side, the trip must be survivable as you apparently met someone who made it back alive.
Erin and Simon from Never Ending Voyage are one of my favorites: 9 years as digital nomads who actually NOMAD on a regular basis.

The only place we rented a scooter was in Chiang Rai.

After a brief visit to Chiangmairam hospital we decided to avoid using one in Chiang Mai and used mostly red trucks instead: https://readyjetroam.com/2019/02/11/...t-a-motorbike/

As for Rusty's point about sidewalk encroachments, I'd say we spent about 90% of our walking in Chiang Mai walking in the street. Especially in Nimman, but in the old city too.

But CM is the most walkable city in the world compared to Hanoi: https://readyjetroam.com/2019/03/12/...ot-love-hanoi/

So it's all relative.

And while the MFA, RTP/Imm, MoL, Revenue might have a different view, digital nomads are in a bit of a grey area as they are technically working for entities outside of Thailand. Could the authorities crack down on this? Sure, is it Tuesday?

I think the challenge for digital nomads is figuring out how to stay, legally, in the Kingdom, be it 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more in a year. There are limited options, and those are being reduced.
Whatever they call themselves (DNs, backpackers, gap years, expats), that's the challenged for anyone who does not qualify for the retirement visa that wants to spend a significant amount of time in Thailand. And as you say above, the old fall-back education visa is being squeezed.

I would think that Thailand (and lots of other countries) would want and accommodate people who really truly do make a lot of money just with their laptops or smart phones. Those people do not take local jobs or opportunities from citizens and contribute hard currency to the economy. It's a win-win. The only downside is that we drive up rents.
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