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Originally Posted by cosflyer View Post
... i asked a DEN agent yesterday after reading this and they feel that in order to board the 364 passengers in 40 minutes it helps to board simultaneously BG1&2 and then close the front door and focus on 3,4&5 thru door 2, i can see their point but anymore it would seem more of the preboarders(GS/1K)are already up front to begin with so just boarding the door 2 would make sense to me...just my 2 centavos
I am 1K so was able to get my carryon in the overhead in the first row of Y on Sunday for my ORD-LHR flight. My neighbor who boarded a while after me (BG 3 I believe) was unable to get her carryon in an overhead anywhere near her seat as people behind us used the overhead above our seats and opposite our seats. I had tried to point out to people that my seating companion would have no where to put their carryon and personal item (and as a bulkhead row there was no underseat storage) but the third person I made the comment to just ignored me. Fortunately the FA put her carryon and personal item a few rows in front of her seat on the other side of the plane.

Those in BG 2 struggled to find somewhere to put their carryon. We boarded in BG order (although I did pre-board).

If I were in BG1 and BG2 were able to access the overhead before me then my carryon would have been no where near me. Why have BGs if there is no advantage in BG1? May as well have a free for all.

DEN failed abysmally in the boarding for the flight in the OP.
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