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Originally Posted by LBJ View Post
You can always just print out the card on the website and laminate if you want a physical card. Although, I'm noticing it doesn't have dates on it which seems odd.
Yeah, there's usually always a work-around. But in broader terms, my coworker has season tickets to the Detroit Tigers. And he had a flip phone. This year most (if not all?) MLB went to digital only tickets. He had to buy a smartphone just to use the season tickets he has purchased for years.

And the MLB Ballpark app isn't available to my phone platform, either. So if I want to go to an MLB game this year, I'll need to go with somebody who owns iOS/Android.

Anyway, bringing it back on-topic-ish, to use an electronic boarding pass on DL I need to access it via the mobile browser. So 99% of the time I just print out a BP at the kiosk.
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