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Originally Posted by mikesyr18 View Post
What makes this card a superior contactless option? It offers 2% back on Apple Pay purchases. I can get that with the Double Cash or a USAA Limitless, or any other 2% card out there.

Unfortunately the person standing behind the counter running the cashier (at least nine times out of ten) is not tech savvy, so contactless physical cards will prevail... Especially because consumers are so cautious about contactless in the first place.
From a rewards perspective, it of course isnít superior. But not everybody has rewards as the number 1 criteria when selecting their credit card. For many younger folks, a slick interface is the reason they choose a product. And from the little Iíve seen the Apple Card/Apple Wallet interface is slicker than any current product available. Additionally it is being marketed on its contactless abilities as opposed to it just being a back page feature with other cards.

We are jaded on this site. Most people do not have 10+ credit cards with annual fees, and juggle 5x categories. Most people who have credit cards have just one or two cards. Usually whatever their local bank gives them and perhaps an airline card that earn points they donít understand or a cash back card from a mega bank. I think this will be a smashing success in its target demographics. Flyer Talk is not the target demographics.
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