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Originally Posted by ozone View Post
What IS the proper etiquette in this position? I once had to put my bag about 4-5 rows back of me (I was in E+). It was too far back to ask for someone to get it for me. So I popped up quickly, got it down, apologized to the person right under the overhead compartment, and stood in line at that point, where the bag had been, to exit with that further back row (and grab my coat on my way past my own seat). I got yelled at by someone who said I was bothering people and taking up their space in the aisle. I think their idea was that I should have waited for the whole plane to empty, and then go get it. I admired their self-righteousness and wondered what else I could or should have done.
If it's really too far back to ask someone to pass it up, then I'd politely ask people if I could slip behind them to get to it, and then wait there and deplane as the plane empties to that point.

I wouldn't think people would take issue to you wanting to move *behind* them during the deplaning process. Now they're off the plane 1 person faster. The guy who wanted "his" space in the aisle seems to be taking excessive offense. If he's that butthurt about it, then maybe let him deplane before you.

Seems to me like you did the right thing. If we were talking 10-12 rows, then I'd say you gotta wait until some of those rows are deplaning and gradually move backwards row by row as gaps emerge between people, much like a flight attendant does while tidying up the cabin.
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