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Originally Posted by jackvogt View Post
So in thinking this over, I realize it would not make sense to potentially delay a flight even more to save money, etc. However the point I am trying to make (probably more in my head) is that it is kind of sneaky to change the offer once you stand up and walk off the plane. It goes both ways, its only $100. The gate agent could say no, and the passenger didn't even lose anything, or the agent could give in and the company only "lost" $100. To me it's more the principle of feeling like you need to get the last word that irritates me (probably completely invalid on my part). Its as though you would only do that to prove you can bargain although you have zero leverage. Again, my thoughts and feelings are probably completely invalid.
My extra negotiation was done in a light-hearted and friendly matter. I fully expected her to say no. I was shocked that she came on the plane and started the announcement with a $1000 offer. I would have taken the two hour bump for $400.

I also "changed the terms of the contract" when I told her that I would like to fly out of LGA instead of many hours later from JFK.
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