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Originally Posted by hightide View Post
I applied for the Chase United Biz on March 17 and got approved on March 21 for just $5,000. It seems like I'm near the maximum credit Chase is willing to extend to me as I typically get approved for a 5 figure limit in the recent past.


My question:

Do you recommend me to lower my other Chase card limits if I want to avoid having to recon?
You pretty much answered your own question. If all Chase would give you last time was $5K, you are bumping up against the upper limit they will give you, and next time you may just get a denial. Assuming you have a CL on one or more of your Chase cards that exceeds what you tend to use in a billing period definitely lower the CL on a card or two.

When my TCCL was $60K, I not only had to call Recon every time, the app had to be approved by a 'senior analyst' even after the first person recommended it for approval. Once I lowered my TCCL to $20K I started getting auto approvals again.
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