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Originally Posted by Lgh34609 View Post
This was AA out of a small airport in Michigan TVC to ORD.

Thanks for the advice

Unless you have visible disability like DS or physical disability, just mention your disability and then preboard request. We have an autistic son and we mention it first or mention it if asked when standing in preboard line. If they ignore or refuse, video record it or get the name of the agent so you can deal with this later .

Unfortunately some disability like autism have disadvantage of not being visible to others and people don't know and some even prejudge! 3 months ago, we were flying form SAN-ORD, We had 80 years old relative with walking stick and our autistic child waiting in early boarding line with 2 of us.

We have already declared this on our reservation.
The AA agent asks" you need to boarding early so you can something" Wasn't rude or anything but if he looked, we have senior citizen on walking stick that is very visible. For many, even airline agents, it seems they think disability ONLY means someone on wheelchair! It is sad reality!
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