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I was looking at both HR and Centric for a cheap one-night stay following a late HNL arrival (before moving to Kahala next day) . . . both have a seven day cancel with deposit, unlike Hilton and Marriott, which offer a three day cancel, no deposit required. This property also has the highest resort fee ($42). No wonder its rates are cheapest (only $170/night). I would have done it (and finally burned a club award!) but the cancel policy is a deal killer.
Out of curiosity, are you saving on one night at the Kahala on purpose or because there are no rooms available your arrival night? If you are looking for a place to crash on your arrival night because you think the trip to the Kahala from the airport is much further than Waikiki, I would suggest just going straight to the Kahala. Travel time to both locations is actually probably the same, and with the lack of traffic when you arrive Kahala might be faster because it would be mostly freeway driving. Just my 2 as a local.
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