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LetsGoToo -- AMEX travel is a travel management company and not an OTA (I know it is very confusing! --- an OTA would be sites such as Expedia, booking.com, hotels.com, Orbitz, etc) -- AMEX Travel would for the most part offer rates which qualify for DISCOVERY benefits (earning status, status recognition/benefits such as upgrades at the hotel, earning of Local Experience Awards, etc) -- If you call AMEX Travel, you can ask if the rate is a qualifying rate... If you go to the AMEX Travel website, I am not sure how it would be displayed but most, if not all of the rates offered for an individual booking would qualify. If you are able to book on discoveryloyalty.com then you can be assured that all bookings would qualify for night credit and rewards/recognition. Please let me know if you have additional questions. appreciate your interest!
I book 2 rooms, for 4 nights, but credited 1 room only, i should make a claim every time, it always happens, why you can't fix this issue more than 2 years?

I should got a new local experience, but i didn't, i should ask again every time.

The benefit is also hit and miss, last time i stay on Pan Pacific didn't get upgrade, even a single upgrade. (I am a black member )

14 stays in the past 2 years, i need to make a claim 11 times

If you can't make a good loyalty system, please be generous give benefit to your loyal high tier member ( but you don't)

Will i prefer GHA than other hotel chains if the price and quality is same, unfortunately NO
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