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Originally Posted by Spent_All_My_Miles View Post
There are quite a few people who care more about avoiding a seat reclining into them than about being able to recline.
I, for one, when in economy would gladly forgo reclining in exchange for not having someone recline in to me -- if someone is reclining into me, I can't use my laptop.
Yes, 100% this. If an airline has 31" or less in pitch, recline should be removed. I would prefer 29" seat pitch with no recline than the risk of someone reclining into me than a 30-31" seat with a rude recliner in front of me (and yes, it is rude - even if you think you are "entitled" to that space). Even ignoring the issue with pain from knees jammed into the seat, It basically makes it impossible to work on a laptop at all.
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