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I am not really sure what you all are going on about here regarding LH, Star, etc. Having held Senator status with LH for over 14 years and TK Elite Plus status since it started, (and BD top tier when they existed) I can tell you the following:

*Gold gets access to all *Gold lounges. The biggest weirdness/exception/whatever that has been highlighted many times on FT over the years are the multiple lounges that SQ maintains at Changi. It is akin to the same weirdness that QR has in Doha, where they maintain another lounge for Oneworld Emerald who are not flying on QR.

What people sometimes do not understand are that there are often several types of exceptions. One, whereby a lounge is small, or the timings do not necessarily fit to have everyone slam into a lounge at the same time, meaning that your carrier might contract with a third party lounge that is NOT another Star carriers lounge (as was the LH case in Boston above).

You may find that at a certain station, one Star carriers lounge may not in fact be "their lounge" but rather a contracted third party lounge, in which case your carrier might contract a different third party lounge.

Lastly, lounges, especially at terminals where there are multiple lounges may retain the right to refuse entry, or politely guide you to use other lounges due to capacity restraints. An example of this would be if you wanted to use the LH lounge at T2 in London, where they have a "polite" sign up saying as much and suggesting that if you are at remote gates to use the UA or SQ lounges for example.

I do not agree with the above statement that Star lounge access is in some way inferior to the other two alliances. I would say that it is slightly better than Skyteam, and slightly worse than Oneworld. The big difference being that Oneworld Emerald flying business gets access to Oneworld FIRST lounges, while Star generally does not (neither does Skyteam BTW). Oneworld also has better policies on the use of US domestic lounges than the other two.Skyteam WAS better than Star several years ago, but not really anymore.
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