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Originally Posted by elitefreak View Post
So most people will agree that UA did an excellent job of creating an upscale experience with the advent of the Polaris Clubs. High end cocktails, wines, spirits. Nice food selection. Beautiful design. Outstanding service (at least in EWR).

And then you get on the plane . . .

"Champagne" (if they haven't run out) is a carbonated version of Two Buck Chuck
Wines (selected by a sommelier?) are a tempting selection of "Ya want white or red" - and that assumes that they don't run out.
Food service continues to degrade and shrink
In-flight snacks . . . maybe, if we bother to tell you. Maybe not. Don't spread the rumor about the "secret" grilled cheese and soup, please . . .
Service . . . you know how that goes most of the time (and how it is now worse)
Pajamas? If we remember to keep stock

The whole point of purchasing a business class ticket should be the in-flight experience. Why glitz up the lounge and continue to neglect/downgrade the primary component? Nobody is going to select UA over another carrier with much better IF experience, even if their lounge is not Polaris quality.

I just don't get it.
I agree with elitefreak. The experience needs to be consistent from the time you enter the airport until you jump in a taxi at your final destination. I disagree with the comments that the logistics are more difficult on the plane than in the lounge - yes, they are but that is no excuse. Full service is achievable as demonstrated by other airlines and even United/Continental in the past. I remember the days of food being "prepared" on the cart in the aisle. Beef being carved, vegetables being dished out etc. as opposed to a full plate just being presented. That's what first/ business class was like - so it can be done. Yes people want to sleep on planes, but some don't and having paid for the experience of business class should receive it. Let's stop thinking it is OK to downgrade business class service. IT IS NOT.
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