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Attaining AS Elite Status with Hainan Airlines?

Is it just me or that flying with HU represents the fastest and probably the cheapest way to attain status with AS? There are lots of cheap economy and business class flights out of YVR to SZX, which is quite close to HKG. I'm not saying flying to SZX makes a lot of sense if timing is important and one needs to get to HKG. My question is flying with HU especially on business the cheapest and fastest way to attain MVP Gold? It requires 50,000 miles flown with an AS partner, which HU is. The cheapest business class fare is I, which gives 200%. According to GCMAP, YVR-SZX is about 12,754 miles round-trip, which with the bonus makes it 25,508 miles right? I see business class flights from about US$1900, which is pretty good. I'm mostly flying *A at the moment and I hope to attain *G with OZ very soon. I've also flown OW partners like CX recently, which I credited to BA, which I should never have and instead put it on AS. Anyways, I'm now leaning on focusing on both OZ and AS in the future. What do you guys think? CA have lots of cheap business class fares to Asia so I don't anticipate attaining *G. Assuming my understanding of AS is correct, I can attain MVP Gold with as little as 2 round-trips flying HU?

I'm not too familiar with HU. I spent a little bit of time and see where else HU flies to, but without much success finding cheap J fares that covers long distance. Any other suggestions for HU routes that are long and in the US$2k range?
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