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Originally Posted by wallyt1215 View Post
Applied for Chase United Explorer Biz card last Thursday 3/14 (2+ months since last Chase app on 1/10/19), not automatically approved as expected, received letter in the mail yesterday 3/20 saying "too many credit cards opened in the last two years associated with you" so here I am scratching my head.

I thought I've kept pretty good track of all my cards since starting churning and should still be at 4/24: CSP (10/2017), Chase United MPE (7/9/18), CIP SSN (9/13/18), Barclays Aviator Biz (10/4/18), Citi AA Biz (10/4/18), AmEx SPG Biz (10/16/18), AmEx BGR (11/7/18), Chase SW RR Personal (11/15/18), AmEx Biz Plat (12/13/18), AmEx HH Biz (12/14/18), Chase Hyatt (1/10/19). By my count and understanding since business cards don't count towards 5/24, that should be 4, right?

On my creditkarma report (if accurate/reliable for this case), it lists [five](https://imgur.com/7Vse9cU) Chase cards in the past two years including the CIP business one 6 months ago. Is that possibly what Chase sees or it's just automatically loaded for CK? Fwiw, none of the AmEx or Citi business cards show up.

Given this information, how should I approach the recon call? Is it even a 5/24 concern and I should try calling to clarify, is it too many cards applied for and opened in general in a tight span of time? Any help and insight is greatly appreciated.
Seeing that 4 of your Chase cards are under 9 months old, possibly Chase internal system feels that they have extended enough cards and max limit to you? If only the latter is the problem, you might be able to relocate credit from CIP.

I applied for the Chase United Biz on March 17 and got approved on March 21 for just $5,000. It seems like I'm near the maximum credit Chase is willing to extend to me as I typically get approved for a 5 figure limit in the recent past.


My question:

My Chase card history:
Current: Chase IHG since Aug 2014
Current: Chase CSP since Feb 2018 (I have decided to keep this card a 2nd year)
Closed: Chase CIP opened in Apr 2017 and closed in May 2018.
Just approved: Chase United Biz Mar 2019

Currently at 3/24 and planning to only apply for Barclay Arrival+ in May 2019 before another CIP.

I hope apply for my second CIP in late 2019/early 2020. Do you recommend me to lower my other Chase card limits if I want to avoid having to recon? Would holding a Chase Business card (United) lower my chances of getting approved for the CIP?
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