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My deplaning pet-peeves are:

- when people ahead of me are too polite to each other: "you first", "no, you first", "no, I insist that you go ahead of me." "no, really, you're too kind!" and waste everyone else's time. Or they stand back and insist that a passenger who is not at all ready gather their belongings and children and bags from overhead bins before they let the rest of us plebeians stuck behind them.

- those who take ages to get their act together. If you're not ready, it's only fair to let others pass before you.

- those who move slowly: yes, I grant exceptions to the old, the sick and the differently abled, but many healthy people would lose a 100-meter race to bloody sloths.

- couples or families that walk abreast and block the jetway, particularly when they're slow. I have no shame in loudly saying "excuse me" and push past them. Groups should always walk in a single file or otherwise make sure there's enough room for others to pass by. As someone above said, a few seconds can make a big difference in immigration lines particularly when a bunch of flights arrive together. I've crossed enough borders to know that you get out there as soon as you can before the stragglers from your flight and a couple of flights before yours get there.

- people who stop in the middle of the jetway to check things in their bags or take out jackets because it's too cold for them to walk a few steps. You won't freeze to death, just keep moving!

- people who push past you in the aisle to get hold of their luggage they left in front of the plane. Can't you wait to get there with the flow of normal traffic to get your luggage on your way out?
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