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Originally Posted by freelance9 View Post
I'm a longtime reader, new poster. I love this site. I'm flying regularly on long-haul aircraft and using Wifi. Lufthansa has long offered excellent, reliable and affordable wifi service (called Flynet) on its trans-Atlantic aircraft. I was dismayed on my most recent flight to see that Flynet, provided by T-mobile, had begun to limit the amount of data that could be accessed on a flight to 1GB even at the highest level of service purchased. Don't get me wrong, there is no way that I used 1GB of data on that 8-hour flight! But the way the service behaved, it is as if I hit some invisible limit after about 4 hours of use (during which the service was so slow as to be borderline unusable) and then after that the service was almost completely unusable. I tried repeatedly to download emails, even those with no attachments that were 1-10kb each, and ran into persistent problems. Service was still available. I had full "bars" showing. I disconnected and reconnected many times.
Bandwith decreases after a few hours, according to my experience. It is probably that more passengers are using the bandwith after the service. Accordingly, I only buy the chat service,
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