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Originally Posted by margarita girl View Post
There are some Marriott fanboys here though who say it’s great IT because it’s cloud based.

Actually, it was the Starwood IT guys who said their system was superior because it was cloud-based. Marriott came into the merger with their legacy mainframe system and decided to move to a cloud-based system rather than invest in new hardware and software to handle the additional load from the Starwood merger. It was also Starwood's cloud-based systems which had the data breach.

As far as I’m concerned, Marriott’s garbage IT is the single most important reason why this merger was such a failure. And mgmt doesn’t appear to have a clue as to what’s going on.
It's been my #1 problem, and continues to be one. Sort by Price is still broken (it's hidden, but it's still there...and still doesn't work), folios sent by e-mail are hit-or-miss, stays posting is a crapshoot, being able to download folios is also hit-or-miss. least I can get the FAX # and know my hotel room will have an AM/FM radio, a chair, and hair dryer in it!
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