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Originally Posted by JBord View Post
I still don't get this comparison that people keep making. With UA/CO, not only was IT screwed up and the program devalued, but the experience of actually flying with them was horrible. My experience at Marriott's is as consistent as it's ever been (including legacy SPG hotels).

I often wonder why people are calling so often. Most of what I need to do is on the app or website. As a LT Platinum (current Titanium) I need to talk to a phone rep maybe twice a year. Last time, I was in IAH and found that my connecting flight home was cancelled and I needed a hotel quickly. I had a free night cert. So I called while I was walking through the airport, and the rep was very helpful in giving me the hotel choices and booking it for me. Incredibly polite the whole time. I could have stopped and figured it out myself, but he saved me 10-15 minutes, which seems like hours when you've been traveling all day and then just want to get some sleep before your 7 am flight the next day. So when people call so often that the service becomes an issue, is it that rather than asking for help they're asking for special treatment of something they're not entitled to?

No, of course not. It just doesn't fit the story. Breakfast in restaurant > breakfast in lounge.

That's a loaded question. Legacy Marriott customers want to be treated as they always have. Legacy SPG customers do as well, but that program doesn't exist any more. Most of the complaints you see here are TRULY directed at the corporate rewards program, not the hotels.

When there's a merger like this, there's always an effect on employees. Some benefit greatly and they tend to be happy. Some don't, or they just don't like change. All of that can translate to how a customer is treated. It's usually temporary as the employees who aren't happy leave and are replaced by new hires still in the "honeymoon period" with their new employer.

But in the end the simple answer is treat your customers as if they might have a better choice of hotels just down the street (because they usually do). And when your hotel gets their money, it flows to employees through salary, wages, tips, etc.

Unfortunately, that won't reduce the amount of noise or complaining in this forum, because it won't bring back SPG.
Thank you! I agree that nothing will bring back the legacy programs, but I also want to remind my coworkers that it's the little things that count. Those special touches, per se.

And while the complaints may be directed at the program itself, the hotel staff should know that there are gripes about the program and be prepared for those who are not pleased with the changes.
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