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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
Argh, last week I was DCCed at Europcar in Munich. The agent stuck my CSR Visa in a new terminal they have now to capture the credit card information and rapidly pressed buttons to get things done... I briefly saw the USD question but she was to fast. The rental contract mentioned something about the card currency and I asked her to fix it. Since I was in a rush I didn't have the patience and she insisted I would be charged in Euro. Sure enough the invoice says:

So instead of the interbank rate of 1.128 and a 44.70US$ charge they hit me with 1.163 and 46.10$ Disputed it today with Chase, who will refund me the 1.40 as usual, but its still annoying.
Last week I was at the same station again and this time the agent handed me the terminal to operate. Sure enough a DCC question popped up where you had press the red button for no. The charge came in EUR and all was good. When I told the agent about the previous time she immediately responded with "that is why I tell my boss to let the customers push the buttons on the terminal" she was very inquisitive about DCC and didn't know that a mark up of 5% was involved. She mentioned that customers from the Gulf and the US preferred to be charged in their home currency.
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