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Unhappy Flynet data limits?!

I'm a longtime reader, new poster. I love this site. I'm flying regularly on long-haul aircraft and using Wifi. Lufthansa has long offered excellent, reliable and affordable wifi service (called Flynet) on its trans-Atlantic aircraft. I was dismayed on my most recent flight to see that Flynet, provided by T-mobile, had begun to limit the amount of data that could be accessed on a flight to 1GB even at the highest level of service purchased. Don't get me wrong, there is no way that I used 1GB of data on that 8-hour flight! But the way the service behaved, it is as if I hit some invisible limit after about 4 hours of use (during which the service was so slow as to be borderline unusable) and then after that the service was almost completely unusable. I tried repeatedly to download emails, even those with no attachments that were 1-10kb each, and ran into persistent problems. Service was still available. I had full "bars" showing. I disconnected and reconnected many times.

I am curious about others' experience under the new tariff scheme on Flynet and curious whether anyone has asked Lufthansa about it.

When I requested a refund from Lufthansa on their web site, they emailed back two days later and said they had no record of my purchase. I just emailed them the PDF receipt, this time via email and not on their web site.

For me it is not so much about getting my money back as it is about getting their attention that this is a valuable part of their offering and that I would like to see it maintained or expanded.

By contrast, on Virgin Atlantic recently I had to buy 3 data passes just to get all the work done that I needed to do on that 6.5-hour flight. Each pass to that service, also provided by T-mobile, only bought 150MB of data. But at least they had a counter on the web that let me monitor the use and then purchase a new pass when it ran out.
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