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This seems to be the last resort they have! Signs at all Italian ports of entry would be sort of a joke; can you imagine all airports at immigration, road crossings, harbours having signs warning people not to wear "inappropriate" shoes when hiking across the Cinque terre. As for the cost, yes and no. It is chargeable, meaning that, to a large extent, Governments (i.e. citizens' taxes) would pay for the stupidity of people. Finally, as for the different kinds of shoes you mention, I have see myself a young lady having crossed the gorge of Samaria on Crete wearing these very high heel "cloggy" shoes in the early 70s. I guess the lady eventually (years later) must have broken her feet/ankles/legs and wrists several times if she continued doing that. Now to your final question: the answer is simple but I won't give it, I would be suspended by FT!
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