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Originally Posted by Dr. HFH View Post
I don't understand the problem with getting the folios emailed. Granted, I've only stayed in two Marriott hotels since the merger (SGS and Marriott LAX), but for all stays at both properties, I declined hard copies of the folio, and for all stays at both properties, the emailed folios hit my Inbox while I was still standing at the FD checking out. I gather that not everyone here has had the same experience; but I don't understand why. Since the system is obviously capable of doing it, and doing it quickly, both on the legacy SPG and legacy Marriott sides of the house, it would have to be the FDCs who aren't doing something right, yes?
I dont know. But I've had the same FDC at the same hotel check me out multiple times and one of those times the folio didnt show up and another time nothing posted.

I'm inclined to think it is an IT issue since every now and then the most basic function of marriott.com (searching for hotels) stops working . To that extent, the FD may be issuing the email command, and nothing happens.
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