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Originally Posted by PointWeasel View Post
yes and no.

just in the past few days for me:

1. website login will not work
2. unable register for current promotion
3. app shows incorrect number of stays and points
4. reservation changes will not work and it says to call
5. no one answers the phone line for a Tit Elite faster than 20ish minutes and even then the agent has no clue how to fix things

so, while it may very well be true that YOU are having a wonderful experience with the new, wonderful Marriott Bonvoy program, that does not mean you can simply discount our experiences.

heck, Hyatt, Hilton and even IHG have functioning websites and nearly zero issued to deal with....so that leaves Marriott Incorporated as a stand alone, IMHO.
I'm not discounting anything. I clearly stated that the IT issues are a pain point and need work in my previous posts.

That said, the rest of the benefits outweigh the IT pains, for now. If not, then I would consider switching- if this is not true for you, then why stay?
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