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Curado Kev
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Marriots sends "gift email" Feb 19 - 5 Elite Nights apply to 2018 ?

I talked with customer service today, I received an email to select gifts based on a Platinum status in Feb. 2019. So I pick "5 Elite Nights" ASSUMING the nights apply to my total for CY2019, I mean after all the email came in Feb. 2019. The customer service rep tells me, the 5 nights I picked - applied back to my 2018 total ? She told me the same thing twice, I told her that she is just the messenger and doesn't make corporate rules so I'm not upset at her - but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of ?

Please convince me I'm not crazy ? Does this make sense to anyone ? Man, I realize 15 million jumped to Hilton due to changes last year and this may be the final straw - who is making these rules ?

Thanks for any clarification and I guess I should read fine print since Marriott is not clear.....
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