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Urge you complain to ac even if minor deflate

Originally Posted by lallied View Post
and they may grudgingly offer it as a special exception.
So, it would appear everyone is a “special exception” - thank you posting as another worthwhile perspective emerges.

Think about intent of this statement- it is actually a threat- take this offer or leave it as we are treating you as a special case, which AC knows to be patently false. arguably this is also form of micro-advertising to entice acceptance of a credit towards future AC flight...i.e. another promotion for AC product and will need to go back to Competition Act/Regs as another bit talks about this kind of deceptive offer as reviewable behavior.

reminder, please complain to AC directly even if you don’t care about compensation- AC may face disclosure of all complaints received and the more on their books, the greater the pressure will cause for speedier action.

And with MAX, AC has plenty on their hands to make excuse fixing J seats lower priority/ my response to AC if they try this nonsense “if I can chew gum and walk at the same time, The mighty AC certainly can”.

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