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The 110 million tickets seems implausible. Whether it was misunderstanding by the original author of the blog or he/she was using hyperbole to make a point, it seems rather silly.

If there are 110 million members in the system, I bet 75% of them are basically inactive for reasons unrelated to the merger: they simply aren't traveling or were only an infrequent Marriott guest to begin with. Of the 30-40 million "regulars", 90+% of them have had no issues because they haven't really tried to do anything with the program.

That still leaves the possibility that there are millions, plural, of people with problems, and there's no question that this merger is a raging tire fire that is showing no signs of putting itself out anytime soon.

So it's still really, really bad and I still believe this is Marriott's "New Coke" moment, but I can't fathom how it can be 110 million open tickets. If it's a million, that's freaking horrible and people need to be fired. 110 million just doesn't make sense.
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