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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
I wonder what fraction of the cases are resubmissions of previous cases that were never addressed, received an irrelevant cut and paste response, or were otherwise handled incompetently.
This. I currently have just one problem I've asked them to address. I tried email, got a canned response and nothing else. Then I tried Twitter, and when that still didn't resolve it, contacted the Lurker. So that's one problem, but given MR IT, they probably count it as three.

110 million is an interesting number because that's exactly the number of members that they said they had post-merger. So it would be an average of one case per member. That'd be dreadful in and of itself, imagine any business where every single customer has an open issue. Of course, it's not an even distribution, likely 50-75% of members with no issues at all (many haven't stayed in the last 12 months, for example), with a nice curve up the percentiles.

Given how far behind they are, there may well be fewer than 110 million problems, as I think some have probably been resolved by batch cleanup jobs, but the tickets not yet closed.
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