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Originally Posted by KRSW View Post
Most of the problems we are experiencing is due to CORPORATE failing to get the basics right. The franchisees ARE getting the basics right. Yes, there's issues with corporate-issued policies such as breakfast, welcome amenities, and upgrades, but the basics of providing a clean, proper room and usually good staff are getting done. I can think of quite a few restaurants which operate with corporate taking the orders and handing them off (correctly, no less...Marriott, are you listening?) to the local restaurants. Pizza, sandwich chains, etc., all do this. Jimmy John's comes to mind, and it's very efficient. W/r/t staffing, I do believe the hotels are paying more than minimum wage for the front desk, and yes, I'd expect someone who's paid minimum wage to be able to understand basic loyalty benefits. Just because they're low man on the totem pole doesn't mean they're dumb and untrainable. Even cruise ship employees understand VIPs and they're paid an order of magnitude lower than minimum wage.
And to take this a step further: Corporate is failing to get the basics right for both its loyalty customers (us) and its franchise customers (the hotels).

I do not doubt for a minute that many of the issues with loyalty delivery and the like are due to franchisee employees who are dealing with systems that don't work or don't present correct information.

For example: a Westin I stayed at pre-merger never had a problem sending emailed folios under the SPG system. They still offer me an emailed folio; I just don't get it. Clearly the problem isn't that they woke up on August 18th with the inability to understand email.

Another example I see cited frequently is hotels treating someone who is LTP and Titanium as if they were Plat. That's a systems issue. There's no reason for the agent to be shown ambiguous information; show the current, highest status (no matter where it comes from) and maybe a "LT" badge for anyone with LT status of any sort.

I do think there is a minority of hotels that is taking advantage of the confusion and lack of oversight to deliver subpar benefits, but that is not the primary issue.
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