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Originally Posted by emma69 View Post
Telling staff how to fix a problem that may occur doesn't indicate misleading advertising, it is no different that FAs knowing how to reset the IFE system. Although as several posters on here have said they have shown staff how to do the reset, it could quite feasibly be being disseminated by FA to FA rather than a blanket communication anyway.

As you have direct statements from Air Canada stating that they 'fail from time to time' (despite an individual's poor grasp of the meaning of the word infallible) it seems eminently sensible that they instruct staff on how to remedy the situation and exactly what the Bureau might agree is a suitable interim remedy.
yet the advertisement supports “infallible” without any caveat - the Act is clear that accurate and tested information needs to be provided before a purchase decision, and AC continues with same infallible advertisement despite widespread knowledge of failure.

I also will assert power imbalance as when seat deflates mid-flight, Aeronautics Act prevents me from mitigation like withdrawing from the contract, which would be a remedy available on the ground when a service provider fails. AC could withdraw from inventory seats known to repeatedly fail, so AC may knowingly sell a product that fails to meet performance test section of the Act.

and IFE is useful but available in economy just in smaller version, completely different than the core offering that the lie-flat seat represents as a competitive offering in the J marketplace...you just raised for me that maybe senior colleague at WJ May want to raise that AC competing in the WJ space with false advertising.

unfortunately, why should I have to add to my busy schedule time to resolve known AC failure, that’s a cost to me, a cost to a lot of folks on this thread and others, and AC is booking huge profits at our expense .. is this not exactly why the deceptive advertising section of the Act exists?
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